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    Phu Nguyen

    Please advice of organic methods for mildew prevention. I was told that mildew is a serious concern for vineyard.

    I googled and found JMS Organic Stylet-Oil, JH Biotech Mildew Cure, Monterrey 70% Neem Oil, Monterrey Phyta-Gurad EC, Organic Lab Organocide, and Stoller Ent. Golden Pest Spray Oil.

    1. Which brands and oils are effective in your experience?
    2. How often should I spray for mildew prevention?
    3. I was told the chemical must be rotated to avoid resistance. How often should I rotate? How many different type of oils must I have in rotation?
    4. Are there any other considerations should be taken?

    Thank you for your advice,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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